Hannerup Forest, Fuglsang Forest and Erritsø Bog

The two forests Hannerup and Fuglsang represent a large coherent peri-urban forest area of 150 hectares. Fredericia Municipality owns the area and it contains a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The area is also great for a picnic under the trees. 

It is possible to move around on marked walking and running routes and on bridle paths and mountain bike routes.

In Fuglsang forest you can also find a public animal park, where you can experience deer up close. You'll also find a forest playground in Fuglsang forest.

The forests have a rich flora and fauna, which is certainly worth discovering.

In the southern part of Hannerup forest is the Erritsø bog. Here, the Erritsø stream flows through the wet landscape of bogs and meadows.

There are marked trails around the area, from where you can meet grazing cattle or spot deer. There is a rich flora and fauna associated with bogs and meadows, where you among other things can find wild orchids.