Tour De Vestfyn route (25 km)

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5500 Middelfart



The tour is 25 kilometers, is used for the annual traditional Tour de Vestfyn cycling event, and is suitable for all.

The tour starts in Middelfart by KulturØen, and then you bike south, past Middelfart Marina, down past Skrillinge Beach, and towards Kauslunde. The tour continues towards north, at Aulbyvej to Vejlby and Røjle, and then to Røjle Klint. Shortly before reaching the cliff, turn off towards Strib and drive towards Strib lighthouse and down Strandvejen towards Middelfart and KulturØen.

Would you like to make a pause along the way, you can buy an ice cream at Middelfart Marina, and various water sports activities can be tested, such as Stand-Up Paddling and Sit -on-top kayak.

You pass through many small picturesque villages in the immediate vicinity of Middelfart, and can experience a stunning natural scenery at Røjle Klint. Look towards Fredericia by Strib lighthouse and visit Strib Automobile Museum with the many fine old cars and motorcycles.

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5500 Middelfart


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